• Effectively apply RMI principles to your everyday work

Strengthen your ability to efficiently apply general insurance principles and concepts.

  • Enhance your effectiveness

Quickly get up to speed on how to read insurance policies and how to identify loss exposures.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to your career

Set yourself apart with a solid understanding of insurance operations and financial measurements.


The course is conducted in English.

Assessment is done by segmented exams (e.g. ARM 54 segment A, ARM 54 segment B, ARM 54 segment C).

Tuition Classes: AED 4,375

Book: AED 850

Segmented Exam: AED 350


AINS 21 Segment A

- Understanding insurance
- Insurers and how they are regulated
- Insurer financial performance

AINS 21 Segment B

- Marketing
- Underwriting and ratemaking
- Claims

AINS 21 Segment C

- Risk management
- Loss exposures
- Insurance policies


AINS 21 consists of three (3) segments:

AINS 21 A (three consecutive days)

AINS 21 B (three consecutive days)

AINS 21 C (three consecutive days)

Each segment is scheduled three to four weeks apart to allow the student for private studying and also a time to take the segmented exam before proceeding to the next segment.

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