• Apply strategic concepts to your everyday work.

Set yourself apart with the technical knowledge needed to design a risk management program for hazard, operational, financial and strategic risks.

  • Confidently handle complex risk management issues.

Develop your ability to identify, analyze, and treat risks by utilizing proven risk management and statistical analysis techniques.

  • Demonstrate your value to your organization.

Solidify your reputation as a key contributor to your organization’s success by making smarter financial decisions through the application of cash flow analysis to hazard and financial risks.


The course is conducted in English.

Assessment is done by segmented exams (e.g. ARM 54 segment A, ARM 54 segment B, ARM 54 segment C).

Tuition Classes: AED 4,375

Book: AED 850

Segmented Exam: AED 350


ARM 54 Segment A

- Introduction to risk management
- Risk management standards and guidelines
- Hazard risk
- Operational, financial, and strategic risk

ARM 54 Segment B

- Risk management framework and process
- Risk identification
- Risk analysis
- Risk treatment

ARM 54 Segment C

- Financial statement risk analysis
- Capital investment and financial risk
- Monitoring and reporting on risk


ARM 54 consists of three (3) segments:

ARM 54 A (three consecutive days)

ARM 54 B (three consecutive days)

ARM 54 C (three consecutive days)

Each segment is scheduled three to four weeks apart to allow the student for private studying and also a time to take the segmented exam before proceeding to the next segment.

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